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Are you in need of a new air conditioner for your home, or are you seeking an expert technician to repair and maintain your existing one? If yes, you are at the right place. At Onsite Air, we offer prompt and reliable residential air conditioning in Newcastle. Our team consists of highly skilled HVAC technicians who undergo extensive training and have a wealth of cutting-edge tools and technologies to diagnose and address issues with precision.

We use only the highest quality materials for repairs and servicing, guaranteeing your air conditioning system’s longevity and optimal performance. From minor adjustments to comprehensive overhauls, our experts efficiently restore your home’s comfort in changing climates. You can deal with the hot and humid summers or the freezing winters of Newcastle; our premium residential aircon installation in Newcastle is sure to balance the temperature and bring relief to your household.

Whether you have a small home or a large apartment, we will assist you in choosing the right home air conditioning systems in Newcastle and install them quickly so you can enjoy its benefits. Our services do not just end with AC installation, rather, we also follow up with effective support after the installation.

We offer comprehensive domestic aircon maintenance, and repairs in Newcastle. Our skilled technicians understand the importance of a well-maintained air conditioning system for your home’s comfort. From routine maintenance to urgent repairs, we are dedicated to keeping your system in optimal condition.


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Onsite Air is a Family Owned Local Hunter Business providing honest and dependable air conditioning services

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Because we are native to the Hunter, Onsite Air has technicians near you to save time and money. Our team live in Newcastle, Cardiff, Branxton, Raymond Terrace and Nelson Bay so we are never far away from your home or business.

Looking To Save You Money

Our team are across industry trends and technology developments. We ensure your job is completed in the shortest possible time. Our estimates are also comprehensive and accurate first time, every time.

Deal With The Decision Maker

Owner Luke Hargy is across every job that our team works on. He takes a personal interest in every client to ensure they are completely happy with every air conditioning job.

Commercial Experts

Expert Residential Air Conditioning Installation in Newcastle

Experience the Onsite Air with our skilled team handling residential air conditioning installation in Newcastle. Our experts ensure a smooth setup of top-notch air conditioning systems using smart design and advanced tech. We discuss your needs, understand them, and propose the right solution. We are committed to providing reliable and high-quality services for your comfort.

Whether you’re looking for ducted residential aircon or a split AC, we tailor solutions to fit your household’s unique needs. Our specialisation covers central air conditioning units, Split ACs, and hybrid options, offering choices that match your space and preferences. Embracing technology, we also provide home air conditioning installation in Newcastle with features like motion sensors, voice support, and smartphone controls.

Recognising that every home is distinct with specific air conditioning requirements, we personalise our solutions for each client. Our adept design team communicates with you to understand your needs, creating detailed plans that account for factors like building size, setup, and occupancy.

Our Services

Commercial Residential Air Conditioning

Newcastle’s Domestic Aircon Service, Maintenance & Repairs

At Onsite Air, we believe your home deserves the best, and our Residential Air Conditioning Services in Newcastle go above and beyond mere heating/cooling. We strive to create an environment where you are comfortable and breathe clean air regardless of the climate outside your home. No more dealing with dusty filters and poor air quality – we’ve got you covered with the following:

  • Filter Repair and Replacement
    Our services include thorough cleaning and filter replacement. We understand the importance of breathing clean air that rejuvenates your living space. Therefore, we aim not just to provide you with a comfortable temperature inside the home but also to experience holistic air conditioning solutions.
  • Sustainable Maintenance Services
    The foundation of our home air conditioning service in Newcastle is to ensure that your device not only delivers the required temperature but also stands the test of time. Our skilled technicians possess in-depth knowledge of AC units and are dedicated to providing you with the best maintenance service, ensuring your home stays consistently cool and comfortable.
  • Valuable Suggestions
    Beyond just routine maintenance, our skilled workers offer valuable advice on simple yet effective upkeep practices to enhance the efficiency of your home air conditioner. One crucial aspect is the regular cleaning or replacement of filters. This essential step prevents dust and debris from accumulating in your AC, ensuring it works efficiently and cools your rooms quickly.
  • Maintaining the Refrigerants
    Our regular maintenance extends beyond filters; it involves checking your AC’s refrigerant levels and cooling liquids. Our adept technicians will arrive at your residence at the predetermined time to assess and add more cooling juice when necessary, keeping your system in optimal condition.
  • Thorough Cleaning
    By catching and fixing issues early on, our technicians prevent them from evolving into significant and costly problems. Cleaning various components, including coils and channels, not only maintains your air conditioner’s health but also prevents mould growth, ensuring the air inside your home remains healthy.
  • Energy Savings
    Engaging in regular maintenance is not just about making your AC work better; it also contributes to energy savings. A well-maintained AC unit uses less power, resulting in lower utility bills and reduced environmental impact. Giving your AC a little care keeps your home cool, saves money, and contributes positively to the planet.

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Residential Air Conditioning Services in Newcastle

Upgrade your home’s comfort level with our Expert Residential Air Conditioning Installation from Onsite Air. Our experienced professionals conduct a detailed assessment to recommend the best system and install these at your place.

Our experts understand that installing an AC is a lifestyle enhancement. Therefore, we suggest the best air conditioning systems that fit your requirements.

  • Ducted AC Marvels
    Unlike separate units in different rooms, ducted AC works through ducts in the ceiling or floor, spreading cool air through vents all over the house. Therefore, if you want to control the temperature of your entire home, opt for a ducted or central air conditioner. Its zonal control feature will enable you to set different temperatures for various zones.
  • Split AC Options
    If you are seeking ACs for separate rooms, we will recommend Split ACs. Our technicians can come to your home at a predetermined time and date to install these quickly. Such ACs can cool different rooms independently, allowing for personalised comfort.

Regardless of the type and brand of AC you choose, we are trained and licensed to offer installation, service and repair for all. We ensure that our services align with the Australian Safety Standards. Contact us to transform your home with our tailored residential air conditioning solutions. Choose Onsite Air for a seamless and personalised cooling experience.

Commercial Experts


Regular home air conditioning service in Newcastle is needed to ensure the best performance of your AC unit. We recommend calling for our skilled technicians at least once a year to check on your AC and maintain its functionality. However, in high-usage scenarios, semi-annual check-ups may be beneficial. Our technicians will assess your system’s needs and provide a tailored maintenance schedule.

We specialise in installing various systems, including ducted air conditioning, split ACs, and hybrid versions, tailoring solutions to meet the unique requirements of your household. Our experts will guide you in choosing the best tonnage required to balance the temperature of your residence and maintain clean air.

Ducted systems offer consistent temperature control, zonal cooling, aesthetic appeal with concealed components, and a whisper-quiet operation for a peaceful indoor environment. Our technicians ensure precise installation, optimising these benefits for your home.

Regular maintenance prevents dust and debris accumulation, addresses refrigerant levels, and ensures overall efficiency, leading to energy savings and a prolonged lifespan. Our maintenance services include thorough checks and adjustments to keep your system running smoothly.

Yes, we understand the urgency of creating a comfortable living space. Contact us for split AC installation, and we promise to accomplish it efficiently within hours. We prioritise prompt service without compromising on quality.

Our skilled designers engage with clients to understand their specific needs, creating detailed plans considering factors like building size, setup, and the number of occupants. We tailor our solutions to ensure your air conditioning system aligns perfectly with your lifestyle.