Air Conditioning Services in Belmont

Are you in Belmont and looking for a neighbourhood team to help you with all your air conditioning-related needs? If so, get in touch with our team at Onsite Air. We are Onsite Air, a team delivering expert air conditioning services in and around Belmont. When it comes to optimising the functionality and life of your air conditioning systems, proper installation and timely maintenance are key requirements. Our experienced and expert team of air conditioning technicians delivers both. Our air conditioning in Belmont is designed to cater to all your major and minor air conditioning requirements. Whether you need a consultation to determine the best air conditioner for your home, need assistance with installation, or need help dealing with aircon breakdown, you can avail of our residential or commercial air conditioning services in Belmont and expect timely assistance.
Our technicians in Belmont are:

  • Licensed and insured
  • Experienced and qualified
  • Friendly and approachable

So, with them, you can always get expert aircon services in Belmont delivered to perfection. They work in a legally compliant manner and employ the most efficient methods to ensure a satisfactory service every time.


Why choose Onsite Air

Onsite Air is a Family Owned Local Hunter Business providing honest and dependable air conditioning services

Locals Serving Locals

Because we are native to the Hunter, Onsite Air has technicians near you to save time and money. Our team live in Newcastle, Cardiff, Branxton, Raymond Terrace and Nelson Bay so we are never far away from your home or business.

Looking To Save You Money

Our team are across industry trends and technology developments. We ensure your job is completed in the shortest possible time. Our estimates are also comprehensive and accurate first time, every time.

Deal With The Decision Maker

Owner Luke Hargy is across every job that our team works on. He takes a personal interest in every client to ensure they are completely happy with every air conditioning job.

Commercial Experts

Professional Aircon Installer in Belmont

Still wondering whether to opt for DIY or hire a professional for aircon installation in Belmont? When it comes to aircon installation, many people resort to DIY, but it isn’t a cost-effective choice.

  • Our expertise allows us to undertake every project professionally and leave no room for errors.
  • When you choose our experts, you choose a team to help you find and install the right-sized air conditioning unit and ensure optimal performance.
  • Our team is versed in all local codes and regulations and undertakes air conditioning in Belmont while properly adhering to them.
  • While undertaking aircon installation in Belmont, you have to ensure that your chosen air conditioner is compatible with your property’s electrical system. If not, it can bring down the functionality of your air conditioner.
  • If not installed correctly, several issues might surface later on and lead to costly repair works. So, even if you save money with a DIY installation, it might cost you more in the future. If you wish to keep such issues at bay, it is best to avail of professional air conditioner installation in Belmont.

If that convinces you to go with professional air conditioning in Belmont, contact us today at Onsite Air.

Belmont Expert Aircon Maintenance Provider

After rightful installation comes routine maintenance; if you want your air conditioner to work optimally throughout the year without any breakdowns, setting a maintenance schedule is important. With regular maintenance, you can target the efficiency of your split or ducted air conditioning system, detect any underlying faults beforehand, and save yourself a lot on costly repair work. That’s why we offer tailored air conditioning maintenance in Belmont. Our team has the expertise and experience to deal with projects of all kinds and scales. With in-depth knowledge of all air conditioning systems, be they ducted, split or central. So, you can count on us for complete air conditioner installation and maintenance in Belmont.

Our basic air conditioning maintenance in Belmont covers but is not limited to:

  • Filter replacement to improve indoor air quality.
  • Coil cleaning to ensure better energy exchange.
  • Basic refrigerant check to optimise cooling potential.
  • Thermostat calibration to ensure efficient operation.
  • Condensate drain cleaning is necessary to prevent any potential issues.
  • Inspect the ductwork to detect any underlying issues.
  • Lubricate all moving parts to prevent wear and tear.
  • Performance testing to ensure your system is working at its optimal capacity.

So, schedule your aircon maintenance with us and make way for a comprehensive check.

Our Services

Commercial Experts

Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Belmont

Imagine the air conditioning system of your business premises breaks down in the middle of the day during peak summers. It is sure to inconvenience your employees and clients and halt your business operations. So, you will need a team that can come quickly to your location, deliver the needed assistance, and make sure your air conditioner is up and running within the minimum required time. That’s where our commercial air conditioning service in Belmont comes into play. We understand that the air conditioning needs of commercial premises are often time-sensitive. You would want to resume your business operations as soon as possible and reduce potential losses to the minimum. So, the moment you call, we will quickly arrive at your location and deliver the required services. We will troubleshoot the issue, do the repair work and prevent the possibility of similar occurrences in the future.

We also specialise in commercial air conditioner installation and maintenance works. We will always work per your schedule and won’t hinder your normal business operations. As an experienced team, we understand that commercial air conditioning services in Belmont could be extensive and time-consuming. That’s why we come fully prepared to handle work of all scales. So, whatever your requirements, call us and rest assured that the best team is at your service.

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Residential Air Conditioning Services in Belmont

Availability of air conditioning services for your home can be tricky. Letting a stranger into your home and trusting them with the functionality of your premises might seem daunting. But our friendly and approachable team simply completes the entire process and gives you the peace of mind you require. Their professional and friendly demeanour will evoke a sense of trust, leaving you completely satisfied. Whether you hire us for an initial consultation or installation or schedule maintenance work with us, our team will be sure to put their best foot forward and deliver cost-effective services.

Affordability comes at the core of our service delivery. With us, you will find the best residential air conditioning service in Belmont at cost-effective prices. We never charge extra for our services and always give our customers their money’s worth. For us, the satisfaction of our clients is the utmost priority, so all air conditioning in Belmont will best cater to your needs and sign you up for a satisfactory experience. To know more about our services or our team, contact us today.

Commercial Experts


Yes, we specialise in both commercial and residential air conditioning systems. So, whatever your requirement might be, you can count on us for comprehensive service.

Under our air conditioning in Belmont, we deal with installations, maintenance and repair work for all kinds of aircons. Whether you own a ducted or a split system, with us you will find all-round and tailored assistance.

The exact cost of the service will entirely depend upon the scope of the work – whether you are dealing with a minor fault or a major breakdown. When you avail of our air conditioner repair in Belmont we will conduct a basic inspection, troubleshoot the issue and offer you a quote accordingly.

Yes, we are a local team run by locals who are aware of the unique challenges faced by Belmont residents. So, with us you will always experience air conditioning services best tailored to meet the unique climatic requirements of Belmont.

A new air conditioning system required maintenance or servicing once every year. But if you have a fairly old system we recommend you increase this frequency to twice a year.

  • You hear weird noises coming out of your AC.
  • You notice an odd and unpleasant smell.
  • There is a significant fall in the cooling capacity of your air conditioner.
  • Your utility bills are unnecessarily rising.
  • Inconsistent cooling.