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Make way for consistent and dependable air conditioning service in Lake Macquarie with our expert team at Onsite Air. Each property has a unique air conditioning need; commercial properties mostly rely on central systems, and residential ones are equipped with ducted or split systems. Handling these different kinds of systems requires a certain level of expertise and proficiency. At Onsite Air, we have in-depth knowledge of all air conditioning systems and use that knowledge to equip your property with a fully functional and efficient cooling system. Irrespective of what your requirements might be, you can trust us to cater to all your air-conditioner-related needs.

Whether you just invested in an air conditioner and are in need of installation assistance, wish to schedule a maintenance service or are looking for immediate repair assistance, give us a call, and we will be at your service. We have been in the industry for years and have handled projects of all kinds and scales. With us, your air conditioner will be in safe hands, and you will always make way for flawless and satisfactory air conditioning in Lake Macquarie. So, if you have an air conditioning-related need, give us a call and expect expert help.


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Onsite Air is a Family Owned Local Hunter Business providing honest and dependable air conditioning services

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Because we are native to the Hunter, Onsite Air has technicians near you to save time and money. Our team live in Newcastle, Cardiff, Branxton, Raymond Terrace and Nelson Bay so we are never far away from your home or business.

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Our team are across industry trends and technology developments. We ensure your job is completed in the shortest possible time. Our estimates are also comprehensive and accurate first time, every time.

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Owner Luke Hargy is across every job that our team works on. He takes a personal interest in every client to ensure they are completely happy with every air conditioning job.

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Professional Aircon Installation in Lake Macquarie

Did you know that to avail of a manufacturer’s warranty, professional aircon installation is a mandatory requirement in most cases? Most Lake Macquarie property owners are unaware of this and often opt for DIY installation, bringing in unnecessary troubles into their lives. Also, an aircon installation demands extensive knowledge of the system and installation methods. Just one wrong connection and you might compromise the efficiency of your system and make way for certain technical issues. Skip such complications by availing of our professional air conditioning in Lake Macquarie. When you avail of our service, you open the doors to a team that will undertake the installation work while catering to the unique needs of your property. We target optimal performance and better indoor air quality and make sure the cooling requirements of your property are taken care of in the best possible manner.

Our aircon services in Lake Macquarie are sure to give you your money’s worth and bring down any aircon-related problems to the minimum. A well-thought-out and well-executed installation work is what ensures the efficient functioning of your air conditioning system throughout the year.

Lake Macquarie’s Expert Aircon Maintenance Provider

While expert installation is what determines the overall performance of your air conditioning system, you have to pair it with our air conditioning maintenance services in Lake Macquarie to ensure its faultless working, year after year. With regular use, a lot of dirt accumulates in your aircon ducts, and moving parts might loosen, bringing down the performance of your air conditioning system. All of this is normal, but if not dealt with on time, it might lead to costly repair work. That’s why regular maintenance is a key requirement. With properly timed maintenance works, you can troubleshoot any underlying issues beforehand and resolve them before they impact the functioning of your air conditioning system.

  • Our air conditioning maintenance in Lake Macquarie involves several tasks like replacing filters, checking refrigerant levels and a thorough performance inspection. This ensures your air conditioner operates at peak performance for the rest of the year.
  • Timely component lubrication and cleaning promote energy efficiency, so with regular maintenance, you can cut down on your utility bills.
  • If you are looking for ways to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner, regular servicing is the one routine you need to follow.

If this convinces you to be in favour of air conditioning maintenance in Lake Macquarie, avail of our services today.

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Commercial Experts

Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Lake Macquarie

Commercial air conditioning systems are specially designed to meet the cooling requirements of large business spaces. They accommodate the size and layout of all commercial properties and offer customised cooling solutions. If you are a commercial property owner and wish to equip your property with an efficient and appropriate air conditioning system, connect with our team at Onsite Air today. When you connect with us, we will sit with you to determine the cooling requirements and considerations of your property and suggest a system accordingly. We will then initiate the installation work while adhering to all industry codes and standards and leaving no room for errors. Our commercial air conditioning in Lake Macquarie extends beyond installation; we all offer maintenance and repair services and will have you covered for all your major and minor requirements.

Commercial air conditioning projects are often time-sensitive. An air conditioner breakdown in the middle of the day can halt your business operations and, therefore, demand an immediate resolution. At Onsite Air, we understand this and, therefore, promise an on-time delivery of services. We will be at your site within the minimum required timeframe and deliver the required assistance.

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Residential Air Conditioning Services in Lake Macquarie

Your home is your comfort space, so don’t let a malfunctioning or inefficient air conditioner bring down its comfort level. Our residential air conditioning services in Lake Macquarie are specially designed to meet the needs of our residential clients. Whether you own a ducted or split air conditioning system, count on our team for all your installation, maintenance and repair needs. We understand that letting a stranger into your home can bring along a lot of worries. But our friendly and approachable team make it their responsibility to make you feel comfortable in their presence and give you the reassurance you need. They will take you through the entire process and keep you well-informed.

When you avail of our residential air conditioning in Lake Macquarie, you avail the assistance of a team that will always put their best foot forward and give you your money’s worth. We don’t believe in one-time engagements but wish to build a lifetime partnership with all our clients. Therefore, we always give our best and secure the most efficient aircon services in Lake Macquarie for our clients. So, if you have been looking for a team that you can rely on for all your aircon-related needs, look no further than our team at Onsite Air. We are the best in the industry, and a team trusted and recommended by all our clients. To know more about our air conditioning in Lake Macquarie, get in touch with us today.

Commercial Experts


Yes, at Onsite Air we are fully equipped to handle all kinds and types of air conditioning systems. From ducted and split to central systems, we specialise in them all and with us you can expect comprehensive assistance.

Our commercial air conditioning services in Lake Macquarie caters to the needs of all commercial premises including offices, pubs, gyms & indoor recreational facilities, schools, retirement villages, apartment complexes, warehouses, etc.

The duration of any project will depend upon the nature of the fault and the amount of work involved. When you avail of our services, we will conduct an inspection and take you through the specifications of the project, including the cost and time required.

To avail of our services, get in touch with us at 02 4061 7050. You can also get a free quote by clicking here and by providing us with all the necessary information.

If your air conditioning system is fairly new, once a year would be enough. But if it’s old, make sure to conduct a maintenance check at least twice a year.

Some basic steps to improve the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system includes regular cleaning, keeping vents unobstructed and setting the thermostat to optimal temperatures.