Split system and fully ducted home air conditioning

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Hunter Valley homes need the right level of cooling in the hot summer months and heating in the cooler winter months. With so many air conditioning systems on the market, it can be challenging to pick the right one to suit your individual needs. Onsite Air supplies and installs the most energy efficient air conditioning systems for any type of home.

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Split system and fully ducted home air conditioning

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Residential Air Conditioning

The right team for the job

Our team can handle all your heating and cooling needs. We have experience installing all the major brands and models. Our split system and ducted air conditioning systems are designed to meet your home’s specific requirements.

When quoting your domestic air conditioning solution, we always meet with you and undertake a site inspection to make sure you get exactly what you need – no more and no less.

The professional and friendly team at Onsite Air also service and maintain a wide range of air conditioners and residential air conditioning systems for homes and apartments.

Ducted Reverse Cycle vs Split systems

The options come down to whether to buy a number of wall mounted, split system units to cover various parts of the home; a ducted system that operates via a series of vents located in the ceiling (roof cavity) and powered by an external unit; or multiple indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.

A ducted system allows year round temperature control. We source out the most reliable and efficient air conditioners on the market. We sell and install multiple brands of ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. The units distribute warm or cold air to the outlets installed in every room via ductwork. This gives you complete control over your indoor temperature through different zones that you identify throughout your property. You can enjoy a cool environment during summer and stay warm during winter.

A split system uses an outdoor and indoor unit to generate cool or warm air. We install the outdoor unit, which houses the compressor and the condenser coil, outside the room you want to cool. The wall mounted indoor unit consists of a cooling coil, a fan and an air filter.

Multi Split Air Conditioning units are a good way of air conditioning your whole house or part of your house when you either don’t have ceiling space for a ducted system, or only want 2 or 3 rooms air-conditioned. They comprise of up to 4 indoor units connected to 1 outdoor unit. The indoor units can either be the popular high wall head, in-ceiling cassette, under ceiling/floor console and slim-line ducted.

Onsite Air offers a free on site quote to help you select the most suitable solution for your air conditioning needs. Call 02 4061 7050.


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